Monday, November 27, 2006

Rockies Using iPods to Study

Professional development is the core business at HRD and there has been increased “talk” on the role of technology in the context and process of our work. This article touches on the same message and purpose. Here are few quotes:

“He watches frames of himself delivering the pitch, followed by the result of the play. Everything else is weeded out.”

“Teams have tons of film to help players study their opponents and their own quirks.”

"They can do it on their time

"I think it's overrated personally, but that's just me," Randolph said. "I'm from a different school."

“Colorado's minor league hitting coordinator, Jimmy Johnson, has an iPod filled with video of players in the farm system. If a player is struggling, Johnson can compare his swing from the past with his current swing, and fix it accordingly.”

"Anything you can do to help yourself get ready for [games] is a good idea," he said.”

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